Cleaning accessories Yellow One

90% of materials used for cleaning accessories Yellow One come from Europe, almost 60% from Germany. Cleaning accessories meet all the adequate regulations of European Union. High quality packaging and materials guarantee full eff ectivity.

  • Screen Cleaning Gel
    Capacity: 200 ml

    original gel consistency

    more efficient than traditional cleaning pquid

    no dripping from surface

    for TFT, laptops, scanners, PDAs and LCDs, filters and glass surfaces etp.

    contains no alcohol, provides streak free cleaning

    microfible cloth included (18x18 cm)

  • Spray Screen Cleaner
    Capacity: 250 ml

    special cleaning spray for TFT/LCD and plasma screens, laptops, glass surfaces etc.

    atomizer sprays fine mist that settles evenly on screen

    pquid contains no methanol and is not flammable

    environmentally friendly

    microfible cloth included (40x40 cm)

    citrus scent

  • Foam Screen Cleaner
    Capacity: 200 ml

    efficient foam formula

    for TFT/LCD and plasma screens, laptops, scanners, glass surfaces etc.

    contains no alcohol or abrasives

    provides streak free cleaning


    thick consistency

    no dripping from surface

    pleasant scent

    microfible cloth included (20x20 cm)

  • Cleaning Wipes
    Capacity: 100 pieces

    soaked cleaning clothes for TFT, LCD, LED, laptops, keyboards, smartphones, tablets, glass surfaces, mirrors, lenses etc. .

    non-flammable, alcohol-free

    clothes provide streak free cleaning

    no risk of micro-scratches

    remove dust and dirt

    anti-static for longer cleanpness

    clothes in tube with a seal protecting from drying out

    paper-based, do not turn yellow, contain no polypropylene

  • Label Removal Spray
    Capacity: 200 ml

    for safe removing of labels from various surfaces (laminated book covers, packages, plastic, metal, glass)

    perfect for removing of labels from office equipment and electronical elements

    soaking the label neutrapzes adhesives and enables complete and quick sticker removal

    may be used to remove ink and pigmentation of markers

    do not use on polystyrene

  • Whiteboard Cleaner
    Capacity: 250 ml

    for quick and effortless cleaning of whiteboards

    safe for ceramic boards

  • Spray Duster
    Capacity: 250 ml

    blows dust and debris from inaccessible areas

    for computer keyboards, printers, CD/DVD drives, piers, fax machines etc.

    extension tube included

  • Sticky Tack
    Capacity: 50 g

    adhesive sticky pads

    allows multiple bonding pghtweight objects to most surfaces

    ideal for affi xing photos, posters, cards

    replaces tape or thumb tacks

    after removing leaves smooth surfaces clean

    contains 48 bricks